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Download the free Is My Food Safe? app, your perfect kitchen companion, in the Apple or Android store. This app has many useful features including: 

        • Is It Done Yet? – Check the safe internal cooking temperatures for meats and more.
        • Time To Toss? – Lear essential information on the shelf life of foods.
        • Quiz: Is My Kitchen Safe? – Test your knowledge of kitchen safety and see what grade your kitchen receives. 

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Great app for those ? Leftovers ★★★★

by – Version – Belles nub by – Version – 1.0 by – Version – Mar 30, 2014

Great for home or restaurant and knowing when to say when, but I’ve always followed the rule when in doubt throw it out!! This gives more accurate info!

Great informative app!!! ★★★★★

by – Version – Bill da’ Chef by – Version – 1.0 by – Version – Aug 20, 2013

This app saved me when I wasn’t sure about some of the items in my fridge! Great app! Very useful! Keep up the good work.

Handy ★★★★★

by – Version – R dietitian by – Version – 1.0 by – Version – Aug 12, 2013

It can be easy to forget proper temps for the average cook. It can be confusing! This can help dietitians and the public. Simple app but very handy.

Savior ★★★★★

by – Version – Busy tizzy by – Version – 1.0 by – Version – Aug 6, 2013

This app is really A savior. I used to waste so much time calling up companies to find out when their food expired.