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How To Marinate Safely

raw chicken breasts marinating largeMarinating for flavor, not mayhem

Does your dinner need a flavor boost? Skip the salt and try experimenting with marinades – a savory acidic sauce designed to enrich flavor and tenderize meat. Typically, raw meat or vegetables are soaked in a marinade for several hours or even several days to allow it to absorb the flavor before it’s cooked, resulting in a flavorful meal.

Handle the marinade safely to avoid potential marinating mayhem.

After marinating raw meat, poultry and seafood, never reuse the same marinade (and/or the basting brush!) on cooked food. Reusing this marinade transfers harmful bacteria from the raw meat to the cooked meat, which you’re about to eat. It’s only okay to reuse a marinade when boiled to destroy harmful bacteria.

When possible, plan ahead by setting aside half of the marinade before you start cooking to use afterwards. 

Lastly, always marinate in the refrigerator, never on the counter.  

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